Howard St. Regional Stormwater

The City is in the process of advertising for construction of a commercial roadway corridor which will connect State Route 20 (Sims Way) and Discovery Road. The commercial corridor goes through un-developed commercial land.  The soils within this commercial corridor are poor draining.  In order to allow for the desired density of commercial development, the City is proposing installation a of a regional stormwater facility.  The stormwater facility would be for both the private commercial development properties, as well as being sized to handle the run off from the City rights-of-way located within the benefit area. Continue reading

SR-20 Pedestrian Walkway – Logan St. to Hancock St.

In 2010, the City of Port Townsend completed improvements along the City’s Upper Sims Way (SR-20) commercial corridor, from Howard Street to Logan Street. The improvements included, sidewalks, medians, pedestrian plazas and two (2) roundabouts.  The SR-20 Pedestrian Walkway would be an extension of the sidewalk network from Logan Street to Hancock Street.  The project will be located on the south side of Sims Way and crosses a ravine where pedestrians must currently walk into the bike lane. Continue reading