SR-20 Pedestrian Walkway – Logan St. to Hancock St.

In 2010, the City of Port Townsend completed improvements along the City’s Upper Sims Way (SR-20) commercial corridor, from Howard Street to Logan Street. The improvements included, sidewalks, medians, pedestrian plazas and two (2) roundabouts.  The SR-20 Pedestrian Walkway would be an extension of the sidewalk network from Logan Street to Hancock Street.  The project will be located on the south side of Sims Way and crosses a ravine where pedestrians must currently walk into the bike lane.

Pending the availability of other City funds, there is the potential for additional scope to include utility extensions within the project limits of the SR-20 Pedestrian Walkway Project.

The project consists of installation of approximately 750-feet of sidewalk, including an approximate 150-feet span for a pedestrian walkway across a ravine; ADA crossings, utilities and stormwater improvements.


The City selected PND Engineers, Inc. to design the project. The project is currently in the conceptual design phase followed by permitting in 2018.