Regional Stormwater Facility

The Regional Stormwater project entails constructing a regional stormwater facility to benefit a mostly undeveloped commercial area which is located between State Route 20 (Sims Way) and Discovery Rd. on Rainier St. (formerly Howard St.). The benefitting area totals approximately 33 acres & includes a light manufacturing property south of Sims Way. This benefit area includes both private properties and public rights-of-way. Please refer to the attached map to view the benefit area.  The project also includes stormwater piping, trail improvements and connection to an existing stormwater pond.

The purpose of the project is to provide a regional stormwater solution for the mostly undeveloped commercial area, due to poor drainage soils and the desire to increase the density of the underdeveloped lots.


The City selected AHBL, Inc. to design the Regional Stormwater Facility. The project is currently in the environmental permitting and design phase with construction proposed to start Fall of 2018.