Howard St. Regional Stormwater

The City is in the process of advertising for construction of a commercial roadway corridor which will connect State Route 20 (Sims Way) and Discovery Road. The commercial corridor goes through un-developed commercial land.  The soils within this commercial corridor are poor draining.  In order to allow for the desired density of commercial development, the City is proposing installation a of a regional stormwater facility.  The stormwater facility would be for both the private commercial development properties, as well as being sized to handle the run off from the City rights-of-way located within the benefit area.

The project entails constructing a regional stormwater facility to benefit a mostly undeveloped commercial area, located north of the Howard Street roundabout and State Route 20 (Sims Way) and a light manufacturing property, totaling approximately 33 acres, located south of the Howard Street roundabout and Sims Way.  This benefit area includes private properties, as well as public rights-of-way. Please refer to the attached map to view the benefit area.  The project also includes stormwater piping, trail improvements and connection to an existing stormwater pond.


Thursday, February 25, 2016
The City of Port Townsend went out for Consultant Selection for the Howard Street Regional Stormwater project on February 19, 2016. All proposals are due Thursday, March 10, 2016. They will then all be reviewed and a consultant will be selected to move forward with the design.