Jefferson St. Sidewalk

The City was awarded a grant through the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Urban Sidewalk Program for a project to construct a sidewalk on one side of Jefferson St. from Taylor St. to Washington St.

The project will provide safe and accessible sidewalks for pedestrians traveling along this route. It will also provide an ADA accessible route between the downtown and uptown business districts, where one does not currently exist.

Currently, pedestrians traveling on both Jefferson Street and Quincy Street are forced to walk in the street, as cars are often parked in the informal gravel shoulder at the edge of the road. The proposed sidewalk will be an ADA accessible alternative to the Haller Fountain stairs or a steep trail (buggy trail) which connects Downtown and the Uptown.

The proposed project schedule:
* Design to start winter of 2017
* Construction bid advertisement spring of 2018
* Project completion by September 2018

Jefferson Design Concept


Big Quilcene Diversion Dam Repair

The Big Quilcene River is the primary source of drinking water for the City of Port Townsend and industrial process water for the Port Townsend Paper Corporation. The municipal water diversion is located within the Olympic National Forrest, the structure directs water to a pipeline which then flows via gravity to City Lake 20 miles north of the diversion.

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SR-20 Pedestrian Walkway – Logan St. to Hancock St.

In 2010, the City of Port Townsend completed improvements along the City’s Upper Sims Way (SR-20) commercial corridor, from Howard Street to Logan Street. The improvements included, sidewalks, medians, pedestrian plazas and two (2) roundabouts.  The SR-20 Pedestrian Walkway would be an extension of the sidewalk network from Logan Street to Hancock Street.  The project will be located on the south side of Sims Way and crosses a ravine where pedestrians must currently walk into the bike lane. Continue reading

Regional Stormwater Facility

The Regional Stormwater project entails constructing a regional stormwater facility to benefit a mostly undeveloped commercial area which is located between State Route 20 (Sims Way) and Discovery Rd. on Rainier St. (formerly Howard St.). The benefitting area totals approximately 33 acres & includes a light manufacturing property south of Sims Way. This benefit area includes both private properties and public rights-of-way. Please refer to the attached map to view the benefit area.  The project also includes stormwater piping, trail improvements and connection to an existing stormwater pond.

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